Oct 2, 2008

Crystal Stilts - Alight Of Night (2008)

psychedelic / post-punk from USA
Alight of Night is the debut album by Brooklyn's Crystal Stilts. There has been a huge amount of buzz about Crystal Stilts lately, and it is well-deserved. They have a totally unique sound that blends minimal post-punk (Velvets go to Dunedin by way of Manchester) with a classicist guitar twang and radiant pop appeal that would not sound out of place on an early Mary Chain b-side. Way more than just a sum of cool influences, the Stilts have managed to forge something new and vital from timeless chunks of rock's primordial source material. Alight of Night is a brilliant album full of mystery, fuzz, croon, twang, throb and oh those tunes. An absolute corker.

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