Oct 1, 2008

Little Joy - Little Joy (2008) [SAMPLE]

Scruffy Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti will add a Little Joy to our lives this fall with the release of the debut album from his side project with Binki Shapiro and Los Hermanos singer/guitarist Rodrigo Amarante. Little Joy comes out November 4 via Rough Trade.

As previously reported, Little Joy will hit the road with Devendra Banhart and Gregory Rogove's Megapuss this fall. There's plenty of overlap between the two groups: Moretti contributed lyrics and vocals to "Theme From Hollywood", from Megapuss' forthcoming album Surfing, and is drumming with Megapuss on tour. Amarante played some bass on the Megapuss record, and so did frequent Banhart collaborator, Little Joy producer, and Little Joy touring member Noah Georgeson. As if all that isn't enough, Rogove is also a touring member of Little Joy.

Track list:

01 The Next Time Around
02 Brand New Start
03 Play the Part
04 No One's Better Sake
05 Unattainable
06 Shoulder to Shoulder
07 With Strangers
08 Keep Me in Mind
09 How to Hang a Warhol
10 Don't Watch Me Dancing
11 Evaporar


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